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Make a Friend, Be a Friend,

Bring that Friend to Christ

Catholic Cursillo

Archdiocese of Washington

School of Leaders

    Kathy Schmitt 


School of Leaders

 The School of Leaders is not a school in the academic sense. Instead, it is a school in the  sense of a gathering, such as a school of fish. It is a gathering of Cursillo leaders. It helps  these leaders to "discover, accept, and grow in their vocations, bringing them together so that  together they can take on the responsibility of being leaders in the Church, in the Movement,  and in their respective secular environments."

 If you are a Cursillista (i.e., you have attended a Cursillo Weekend), and are interested in  serving the Cursillo community, please come join us.

 The journey continues for the Cursillo School of Leaders. Come and join for a Spirit filled year.  Please mark your calendars!

Upcoming 2021 Cursillo School of Leaders Sessions

Sessions are held via Zoom until further notice

Please visit the CSOL Calendar for dates of upcoming CSOL Sessions

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