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Make a Friend, Be a Friend,

Bring that Friend to Christ

Catholic Cursillo

Archdiocese of Washington

Communications Committee

Toni Abresch

Rita LeClerc


Communications Committee

  • Provides verbal, written and electronic communications for all Cursillistas in the Washington Archdiocese.
  • Maintenance and publication of the Washington Archdiocese Cursillo Website.
  • Editing and publishing the Fourth Day News, the official quarterly newsletter of the Washington Archdiocese Cursillo Movement.

Calling All News Articles

You can submit your articles by attaching the document to an email to Communications Committee

  • News, Events, Calendar - Rita LeClerc and Toni Abresch
  • Database - Sharon Casey, Toni Abresch, Rita LeClerc
  • Bookstore - Annie Batiste
  • Fourth Day News - Lethia Kelly, Denise Wilson
  • Website Content Management - Jack McFadden, Steve Moitoso, Toni Abresch
  • Palanca - Rita LeClerc
  • Social Media - Stefanie Miles and Toni Abresch
  • Prayer Line - James Brightful
  • Photography-
  • Videography-