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Make a Friend, Be a Friend,

Bring that Friend to Christ

Pre-Cursillo Committee

Sheila Williams


Phyllis Winston


Pre-Cursillo Committee

  • Receive, process and screen the Weekend candidate applications.
  • Make recommendations regarding candidates to the Secretariat for their action.
  • Notify sponsors and the candidates' clergy concerning the candidates acceptance for the Cursillo Weekend.
  • Send letters of acceptance to the candidates.
  • Check-in the candidates at the Weekend and handle any monies concerning the candidates.

Sponsorship Guidelines

Who can make a weekend?

Any Baptized Catholic Who is able to receive the Sacraments

Who should make a weekend?

- The Candidate should be a leader able to influence others in their environment.

- The Candidate should be willing to make a commitment to try group reunion and Ultreya.

Who should not make a weekend?

No one should be encouraged to attend while they are currently or have recently experienced emotional or psychological problems, severe trauma or crisis that may affect their participation.

What to say before the application is filled out?

Explain the 3 Day weekend.

  • It is is not a secret.
  • They will hear 14 talks.
  • There are group discussions of the talks.
  • We attend Mass daily.
  • There is an opportunity for Reconciliation.
  • Explain the beauty and importance of the 4th Day.

Share the meaning and the purpose of:

  • Group Reunion
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Ultreya

Speak to God about your candidate before you speak to your candidate about Cursillo


Weekend Application

  • Is completely filled out and submitted ideally a minimum of two weeks before the weekend.
  • Has all the appropriate signatures
  • Encourage the candidate to list any special needs, e.g., diet, health, or physical issues if they will impact their participation of the weekend
  • - Please click here for the Application

For a tri-fold flyer with further information about Cursillo and the weekend please click here.

For Cusillistas interested in working on a team for a Cursillo weekend please click here for an Application.